Our Commitment to Our Clients
Throughout the broad scope of our administration, we know that our clients are looking for three things:

SERVICE EXCELLENCE. When you have a question, or a problem, you want an answer immediately. We understand this. To shorten our response time, we use the best technology available in our industry. This investment in technology has been made to ensure that your reports are not only timely, but prepared well enough in advance for a complete and thorough review. Nothing else is acceptable.

INNOVATION. Each company we service is different. Our clients expect Incentive Benefits, Inc. to work hard to provide the right plan their firm and its retirement objectives. It’s up to us to use our knowledge and expertise to advise you of the many options available to build your plan.

ACCURACY/REGULATORY COMPLIANCE. Incentive Benefits is prepared to handle any IRS audit a plan might experience. We stand by our work, its theory, application and accuracy. This is a hallmark of our successful plan administration firm.



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